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Entry #2


2011-05-07 23:14:35 by nsdvjp

Ugh, that took a while. Even though it was relatively easy, I slacked off and turned my computer off a couple of times because I got frustrated. But it took me 3-5 hours? if I had to guess. Yeah, chibi's are a bit easier than manga-like characters, next time I might do it quicker considering this was my first chibi.



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2011-05-07 23:31:51

Nice drawings, I dont see how they took so long though. Prety good though

nsdvjp responds:

Oh, those 3-5 hours were also including watching videos that showed designs of chibis xD, so you can cut an hour off.


2011-05-08 00:12:31

Sweet. I took a crack at making stuff chibeh mahself.. On my latest news post.


2012-02-18 21:16:18

Nice, and I actually like the chibi style quite a lot! I have to take to drawing some chibis myself.


2012-03-23 01:20:57

You need to get frustrated less, and start drawing moar! D: